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Bolehills hold tight (and don't rain)

We'll be there this weekend. Cannot wait. The weekend starts here.


Done with the air travel for a little bit. Leg power as much as I can for as long as I can.

Big love.


bunny hop flair

Yes really. Goodness Harry Main.



Driving in a train - a first for me.
Guineafowl - another first
Horse - yet another first.
It's all good. 

Been super busy recently. Belgium, Swizerland, Picadilly. Exactly what I needed after all the arm business - keep forgetting it was only a couple of weeks ago. Feels like I didn't have a proper break from work at all. Stockwell has been ridden round (tentatively) and Brockwell has been attempted. Until I realised that I was so tired my nose was dropping and it was only a matter of minutes till I went OTB again! So I stopped. Bolehills this weekend which I literally cannot wait for. Never been more excited to ride the place. Looking forward to a good relax, hanging out with the family (don't have to be blood to be in my family), eating and relaxing some more. April has been hectic. 

Photoshop and sleep now. Take it easy. Catch up soon with non food photos.


dutch masters

7 Sky arrived. Looks great. Thanks Coco! 
Interesting week so far. Arm is healing lickity spit.
They park cars in houses in Holland and take the bicycle instead. Lovely place. Took the train.
Still listening to Jay Electronica. Get it played right now.
Shorter, more regular stuff soon. 365 ish.

Be safe.


Robbie M

What the hairy hell is in this guys head? Maddo does it again. The new Evel?



was nowhere. How the hairy hell did Fabian do that? 3 mins into Boonen? Mental. Seriously looked like he just turned the motor on and drove away from the fastest men in the world. We had an afternoon at the Alma in Crystal Palace which had been turned into a mini Roubaix for the day. The representatives from the Flanders Commission were in the house with flags, beer and the works. There was londons first classic sportive and the race on two tvs. Brixton Cycles put up some prizes and it was pretty busy. 160+ riders. Great atmosphere. Shame I couldn't cycle (still haven't got a road bike after that knob knocked me off & totalled it) but the arm needed a rest anyway.

The moto was a fair substitute. Talking of which - sticker collections seem to sit in drawers our house, till now.


Archives - BOLEHILLS

There's a dig going on... If you have time and are in town, get your ass to Bolehills and lend a spade. The track is having some work done and needs you.
Yes, YOU!

Here's some shots from the archive of my favourite place. Hope to see you soon. RB

365 ish

Been busy with the arm chopping. Morbid but I had a local anaesthetic and watched the whole thing. Proper interesting. 4mm allen key bolts (wasn't allowed to keep them) and a great titanium plate (allowed to keep that). Arm hurts a little but keep forgetting to take my painkillers so can't be that bad. 

Had a funny moment right after surgery. Was wheeled back to the ward and given a cup of tea and a (grim) tuna sandwich. My arm hurt and I felt pretty faint, even though I'd felt fine watching an hour and a half of people cutting into my arm with tools much like the ones I have at home. I shut my eyes and next thing I know ALL the nurses from the ward (about 10 of them) were standing round my bed looking a bit panicked. I'd passed out and stopped breathing apparently. Not for long but they had to bang my chest and pull my head back - so they said. Worst bit was I'd spilt my tea on the floor! Anyway - wasn't so ill I couldn't go home an hour later and was back at Catford HQ by 1pm. Less than 5 hours total. Amazing. Thank you everyone involved at Kings. Especially nurse Jackie, Andrew the anaesthetist and Mark the surgeon. Also family B for picking me up and Miss P for general looking after me. I'm in good hands. 

Last night was the Death Spray Custom show at the Exposure Gallery. We looked on it as a good excuse to go to Tortilla in Market Place for a burrito but DSC's work is great also! He recently painted his T-max all white with a big UN logo on the front. With his baby blue helmet he turns a few heads round town. Max CFH prez was in the house but not for long as he's been knocked off earlier and had a bunch of dickheads saying it was his fault. Be careful out there. 

I'm going to get back to sitting in the sun, reading the last of "The girl who played with fire" (pretty stressful) and rediscovering Bad Religion.

Take it easy. RB

Chimpy choppy chimp chop

The continuing arm saga - sorted for the last time tomorrow (I hope). Back to organic. RB


Special price for those on the trip.
(apart from Paddy who's getting one for nowt)
12'x5' inc post £10
20'x 8' inc post £15
gloss or matt
hello at richardbaybutt dot com for paypal

Happy Easter weekend (feels like Friday already)


The Libertines

Good seat for the press conference. The libertines were being shot for the cover of the NME which was the secret job I did a couple of weeks ago. Amazing house in Hammersmith. They (the house owners) had a HUGE Irish wolfhound who I swear I could have ridden if I'd wanted to. Biggest dog I've ever seen. He escaped the other week and ran onto the A4 and got hit by a car. Had a huge scar down his side but to be honest, you'd be more worried about the damage to the car. Must have been like hitting a wall. Anyway, the band were nice and will be playing Reading & Leeds this year but of course you already know that if you follow the press. Better get on. Have a good day wherever you are.