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= bad. Normal service will resume soon. 

Meanwhile, this is how Mr Harrison rolls...

but not like this.


The Gifalo


Every day's a jour d'ecole! Happy Friday. RB


CFH paint job - get yours for the summer. Or a t shirt.

Oh and get your ears listening to this and this.


Summer adventure is on

When I get this one sorted. Ben dropped it round on Saturday morning but I had to go to work (very exciting job but i can't tell you - serious) so there was no time to tinker. Got it started today and began on the list of things to do in prep for the France trip. Very exciting stuff. Talking of exciting, the mighty Bolehills is set for an update. Really miss the place so looking forward to a roll at easter. Hit Stockwell for an hour this evening too - I love my bicycle. RB

Don't worry, the 250 isn't going anywhere! 1st bike for life. RB

e allora nau!

Hectic week. Looking forward to a rave later at Terrys gig (Music Bar, Brixton Hill, next to the prison, tonight). Proper post soon. Friday I'm in love. RB


15mm off every print in the book. I love Swann-Morton. I also love breakbot. RB

hold tight ya bum's alight

Two posts in a day! Sneak preview of the next Cyclesport magazine. Don't fret - they posted it first, I'm not ruining the surprise. here. Pretty pleased with that one, can't wait to see it properly.

Also helped Disco Jock TG a little with his flyer for the next big night at the South Side Bar. Thanks Max for the pic. Will be fun - come down for a rave up. RB


Andre Vippolis, our producer in America was also in Sex and The City for a brief but funny second. S1E4. You can rely on Fera to have the box set. Made me laugh a lot. Check out his site and blog for LA happenings and if you ever need a producer there who knows all the best food spots (his girlfriend runs a food blog so you'd hope he knows his stuff), used to be a pro snowboarder, can point out Dr Dre's house and loves UK music then you could do a lot worse.

And this needs to go back in my spokes. Saw it today and reminded me of Team Asbo, 'driving like a maniac', and the legend that is Hudu. Promise I'll stop going on about it now. Good times. RB

france colour online.

Done. Full set in the same place here. Enjoy. I'm off to put cucumbers on my eyes and ignore the mac for as long as possible. Let me know if you want a print or three. It's been emotional.


france panoramics online

Right here for the full show. RB

Might have mentioned this before...

So nice I had to post it twice. RB

ain't no 365...

But it'll do for now. Good week with lots of sun, Stockwell sessions (people went upside down and everything), Mr Terry Greens musical spectacle at the South Side Bar (Fridays fortnightly), wheelies on a c90, Helix ideas, lots of scanning, plans and trips, snowboard exhibitions, old friends. Blasts through town on the 250, polish sausages and the Cream cover in a frame. Good stuff. France 2010 getting sorted this week... hold tight.

france pano teaser

Been scanning all day - thought my head would explode. Half an hour at Stockwell and a blast through the town on the moto helped. Plus the fact that the shots look good and I can't wait to get them all processed. There's a lot to do so don't hold your breath but here's one I couldn't leave raw for too long.

Great evening at LBC for a snowboard exhibition thing. Thanks James. Go check it out if you're in that end of town - good coffee too. Busy times ahead too. Still coming down to earth after feb, and for some reason I've had Florence in my head all day...


Joey's france video

...makes me smile. a lot.

Thank you so much. Inspired me to sit at my scanner all day. Great stuff. Joey Gough


feb pt3: French bicycles

I ride better with my friends. Amazing week, lots of riding, lots of laughs, lots of sun and some kronenbourg. Perfect. More photos to follow at www.richardbaybutt.com/france2010 

Best February ever.