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Over the bars - over the bonnet. Have had a headache for 4 days but am ok. Be safe.


Warren showed up last weekend in Sheff in his rather shiny motor. Even though it was spitting and the roads were covered in all manner of crap (and potholes) he took me for a good spin. 30 feels like 90, so 90 must feel like light speed. So much fun. I feel bad that he will have spent the following couple of hours washing the salt off the belly of the beast but it was worth it. Thank you. Like a motorbike with 4 wheels...

corpses t shirts

£12. Available from Max at Corpsesfromhell.co.uk Support your local motorcycle gang.

my rat

it's rusty but i love it.


lots of trips recently. Majorca, Portugal & The Czech Republic in a week. Sleepy now. The next few issues of Cyclesport should look pretty smart. The last shots are Karlovy Vary near Germany. Old spa town with healing waters (sorry but it tasted awful) and the big hotel there was the outside set for Casino Royale's poker game. If only 365 was still running!

halfway home...

Hey waterboy! Columbia HTC domestique 'especiale...


no sledging today...

...so a couple of shots from the archives instead. Jumps in the back garden are smashing, as are slushy halfpipes in spring. Love it.
Be safe.

Corpses in the garden

Sat on this for ages and ages as I wanted to give Wilson a copy for Christmas and not ruin the surprise. I gave max a print to illustrate straight onto and this is what he came up with. Super rad egh. Hopefully there's be more of these this coming year.

vids for snow days

Have a butchers at Craig Tulls new site Emulsure. He's got pretty skippy with his canon and his vids always make me want to ride - which I suppose is all they need to do.

Getting very excited about the france trip already... Bolehills Forever.


...the BMX has the best drivetrain ever.

...the Kebabenback has a front brake...and it's snowing.

Makes me happy anyway. Be safe.


Old sequence from the vaults

'Jordan Gordon', a long, long time ago.

Tom @ Higger Tor, yonks ago


Still wont start...

The white lead is for the fan heater, getting rid of the ice from the inside. No jokes. RB

happy new decade

first few days of fun. 2010 good so far...