www.richardbaybutt.com: February 2010

feb pt2 - LA sun

All good in west hollywood. RB

Feb pt1 - Italy snow

Bobs tours no25 were amazing. The snow in the Aosta Valley was fantastic and the company was sublime.

My hero of a dad had organised his 25th trip and skied all week only 6 months after major heart surgery. (Check your cholesterol - free at Sainsburys pharmacies).

My heroine of a girlfriend also skied hard all week and amazed herself (and the rest of us) with her epic progress.

Fantastic time with old and new friends. Was sad to leave.

Onto part 2...


It's taken a long time, but here is my first Cream cover. The best BMX magazine in the world.

Brixton hears a Hu

Hooligan. Husaberg. Hairy!

liverpool archive

Liverpool, years ago. Can't remember where Franks is but he missed out a good session at Rampworx followed by some street. 2003?