www.richardbaybutt.com: May 2010


Happy Friday.


oysters, rapha, giro & tweed

That's my nice lunch sorted. Jim & Jay are legends. Standard. (As DC would say). Had a big meeting of the gangs - Dead Mans Bicycle Club Vs Cold & Sockless Vs CFH. Good things afoot.
Great cruise at Stockwell this eve. Pulled out the big skids and wheelies for my dad who was watching!



Feras nan Venus, on a Royal Enfield. Probably at Venus Bank farm, Shropshire.
I love this photo.

left foot right foot


Ride safe
all of you.


filming options

Segway +
= Steadycam segway!

The real fight club

I went to the boxing for the first time ever last week.
Was everything I'd hoped for and more.
Can't believe it's taken so long.

that one time Simpson rode a dragon

Happy 30th. Try to look a little excited.
Mega random pub in Zoo Cross.
I think I'd look just as sad if my head had been chopped off and was put in a pub for a hundred years.
Talking of a hundred years old, saw this Arial at the beard stroking extravaganza which is Kempton auto jumble. Sure that'll be fine with a bit of wire wool and wd40. Easy job.

Busy week coming up but be in touch. Happy Monday.


night bus paint

We passed this on the night bus through Camberwell. Thought the 250 could do with a lick of paint. 
Good from far but far from good. DSC and CFH paint crews have nothing to worry about!

rise of the machines

Happy Friday


what a difference a day makes

And a tow, air box sort out, distributor cap, plugs, oil, test drive, MOT, full tank and a clean. Greek George is a legend. So happy. There's more still to do but it goes and stops and is road legal. Awesome.

3 day weekends are still too short

Thanks Mr Wilson for another bicycle loan. BH pump track berm shut down by a couple of gurners.
(Biggups Phil Gravity Slaves Reed. Good to see you again.) 
Couldn't catch up with the whole family but there'll be a next time soon. Fitted in a quick stockwell sesh this eve and got schooled by 10 year olds. Car is getting picked up tomorrow and sorted hopefully. Been busy. Hope all's well with you. Over and out.

Scab face.

Bolehills I love you

Big ♥

Wilson has his new moto, Pete Hannah Clair & baby Charlie made a nice walk much nicer and AT is a bicycle lending legend. (sorry I missed your table - the crash halted the photo session)

You can't beat a good face plant. Wear a helmet.

PS: The new track is AMAZING. Thank you so much everyone who's responsible.