www.richardbaybutt.com: December 2009

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Some things of the last decade -

Canon cameras, NY Sushi, Hasselblad, Swansea, snow, surfing, BMX, Bolehills, holidays, girls, parties, 18th, 21st, 25th, family, friends, ipod 2nd gen, powerbook 12", website, hip hop, dissertation, drum and bass, driving licence, cinquecento, astra van L154 NWA, Fiat Bravo, Opel Manta, Austria, lands end - John O Groats, fibre based paper, warmtone paper, Ruckus, Pashley, G Sport, exhibitions, London, Rad, On Any Sunday (moto), Endless Summer I & II, digital, compact flash, vivitar lights, strobist, BMX Rider magazine, Cream, Snowboard UK, Marseille press trip, spotify, rapidweaver, SDS, accounts, season, Les Menuires, broken arm, operations, loving / living with Fera, Catford, East Dulwich, Brixton, academy gig, Evel Knievel, Ozzy, Frequency, The Snowboarders Journal, Wheels and Wax, Photo 1664, forums, critiques, map reading, rent, Italy, Portugal, USA, motorbikes, Honda, Norton, Harley, BMW, Laverda, Yamaha, Ducati, work, Budapest, Ibiza, Gran Canaria, Prague, moto + snowboard, panoramic, film, scanner, prints, sales, sharpie, office, 365, G9, Macbook, Stockwell, Dialled, change, develop, adapt, grow, discover, blog, diary, moleskine, stag parties, marriages, beer, wine, Jagermeister, Wu Tang, Corpses From Hell, custom, garage, chopper, Fail, Win, Skype, emigrations, collaborations, covers, Cyclesport, commuting, professional, polished, confidence, portfolio, experiments, adventures, excitement. Looking forward to the 'tens.



New news page, new news, new decade. All good.

Watch this space.