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fix up

Bolehills is a BMX track in Sheffield. It's over 30 years old and has provided uncountable good times for many people in that time; it shows. Presently the track is looking run down. Although it had a re-build in 2000 and some major work (funded by the riders) in 2009 and 2010, it needs your help. There is talk of restoring the track to a regional standard but that's not promised, nor will it be happening for some time. Right now there's 20T of surface sat there waiting to fill in holes and keep the winter from destroying it further. It won't spread itself. If you can help, then get in touch and come along to a dig day. It's an amazing facility which deserves our continued support, especially now.

shoot group

I'm very honoured to have representation.
The amazing & super experienced Shoot, based in London
Check them out www.shootgroup.com


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high jump, long jump, limbo, hurdles, 100m sprint, bike throwing, wheelie race, marathon (devil take the hindmost)
i won silver