www.richardbaybutt.com: June 2010


Not back yet from one of the most crazy, physical, mental, taxing, fun, scary & amazing trips but will bring proper photos when I get them sorted. Been shooting in Switzerland with Scott Bicycles, coaxing the manta to France with Meatloaf (on cassette) and battering my arms and legs with rocks and roots on the Passportes Du Soleil ride, aboard the most well equipped mountain bike I've ever ridden (Scott Voltage FR for the win). Lots of shouts to lots of people but will write properly soon. Amazing time.


Davos ahoy

Going to be away for a fortnight working and playing - will hopefully bring back some good stories.
Be safe & speak soon.


one more

Hectic day ahoy.
Wish me luck.

Inaugural ride

Welcome to the gang.

Check out CFH for skids, wheelies and t shirts.


the promised land

en route.

Happy Friday.


max & evel

Got a lot of time for Max & Evel. New CFH piece coming soon.
Busy here but it's all good. Not much to say but have a look at this. I like street art but this is crazy.


PS: Congratulations to the Polish Coddingtons; excited to have a new cousin on the way!

brighton birthday

Happy Birthday Fera.
{the view from a friends house}



Trying to be like this
but probably being more like this.


Taken far too long to get this far, but it's progress non the less.
Seat's pointing too far up; bars are pointing down too far down.
No front mudguard or pannier rack yet but it'll be rolling soon.