www.richardbaybutt.com: 1st


Driving in a train - a first for me.
Guineafowl - another first
Horse - yet another first.
It's all good. 

Been super busy recently. Belgium, Swizerland, Picadilly. Exactly what I needed after all the arm business - keep forgetting it was only a couple of weeks ago. Feels like I didn't have a proper break from work at all. Stockwell has been ridden round (tentatively) and Brockwell has been attempted. Until I realised that I was so tired my nose was dropping and it was only a matter of minutes till I went OTB again! So I stopped. Bolehills this weekend which I literally cannot wait for. Never been more excited to ride the place. Looking forward to a good relax, hanging out with the family (don't have to be blood to be in my family), eating and relaxing some more. April has been hectic. 

Photoshop and sleep now. Take it easy. Catch up soon with non food photos.